Writing Killer Content and Marketing Strategies: These Writers Say It Best

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Do you ever sit down to write a post about a random topic, and then you realize that many others have gone before you and said it? There are so many bloggers, authors, and content writers on the internet…all busy crafting messages that appeal to target audiences using popular keywords to grab the minds and hearts consumers. And, there’s a reason for the growing demand of content writers.

A good writer will have a command of proper grammar and accuracy, understand search engine optimization (SEO) for high rankings, and draft high-quality, original content that is results-oriented. Smart companies know that taking shortcuts on content will not earn them an unfair share of success.

Whether you’re creating blogs, case studies, checklists, e-books, images, infographics, podcasts, social media posts, templates, videos, webinars, whitepapers, or worksheets – there are many ways to go about developing a content marketing strategy and selecting which content type and topic should be your focus.

So, whether you’re planning on bringing a freelancer in-house, or developing your own content writing expertise, here are some highly-ranked resources on how to build and write a marketing strategy for your business or personal work:

1. How to Build a Killer Content Marketing Strategy – by PBJ Marketing

2. A 10 Step Checklist for Creating Killer Content – by Justin P. Lambert, writer, author and freelancer

3. The Quick and Dirty 4 Word Guide to Creating Killer Content – by Ashley Stahl – career coach, keynote speaker, podcast host and author

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