Winning at SEO… Be Unique, Compelling and Relevant

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I’ve been working in web site design, search engine marketing, web content writing and management since the great online revolution in the 90s. While much has changed, some things remain true.

When it comes to SEO, or search engine optimization, original and relevant content is the ticket up to the top of the search engines.

Why? Because when someone is searching for widgets, and you happen to sell widgets and write all about them, and link to other widget related business – and they link to you – it’s a match. The search engine spiders will crawl your site and say, “Hey, you are all about widgets and you seem credible… I think I’ll rank you for the term widgets!”.

If you meet visitor’s expectations and earn good web traffic, and complementary businesses and informational sources link to your site, the search engine universe will favor you and make you a top page ranked for the keywords you have focused on. Especially if you incorporate the long-tail terms into your writing such as “Boston widgets” or “illuminated widgets with chrome finish”.

So get out there and write to your heart’s content, but be sure it contains unique and compelling content that offers top keyword phrases that folks are searching for regularly.

Be unique, compelling, and keep it relevant. They will come.

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