Minimalism, uncluttering and web design

Do you every wake up in the morning, grab your smart phone, and surf around the net for positive vibes and inspiration? This happened yesterday, when I came upon Joshua Becker’s website, Becoming Minimalist. Becker, a former pastor from Arizona, has made it his life’s mission to share and teach the idea of living more and owning less. He says by living intentionally and “owning fewer possessions, we reserve time, money, and energy for the things that matter most”. His message urges readers to “take some time to focus on the things you own and what can be removed (today or in the future)”.

After watching a few of Becker’s videos, I began to feel my body and mind relax as I envisioned uncluttering my life, one room at a time. I’m very interested to find out if the act of cleaning up the dusty piles from corners of my home will translate into a more focused life and clear mind as proposed. I’ll begin with his Declutter your home checklist and report back on progress.

In the meantime, I’m curious if this new way of living will affect my approach to web design — providing the necessary design and functionality. Nothing more, nothing less. Why not offer a clean and clear message with useful offerings that truly feel just right. Not too hot, not too cold … maybe applying this mindset will usher in a new era of “Goldilocks design”.

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